"hope is a paper boat that sinks."


who wears the pants in the relationship? well preferably no one will be wearing pants

so i’m back i guess

i’ve neglected tumblr for pretty much the whole summer and now it feels weird just to be on this again. so yeah it’s been a month since i was on this last.

a lot of things happened this summer. and in the last month i’ve been gone lol

uh well i’ve kind of accepted that i have some serious shit in my closet, and i guess i’ve sort of come to terms with them all. i’ve been dealing with social anxiety and depression for years now and i think i’ve finally 100% realized and accepted that i have to deal with these things for god knows how long.

to relieve myself of these thoughts, so i can return to school tomorrow empty and prepared:

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“I’m such a tiny constellation, but thank you for noticing me.”